Adi Oz-Ari was born in 1968. 

 Since 2021 she split her time between Berlin and Tel Aviv. In 2021 she finished Glogauer residency program, since then she participated in one solo exhibition and 4 groups shows in Berlin. A graduate of the Physical Therapy Department (B.P.T), Tel Aviv University (1992); the Interior Design program (B.Des (interior)), the College of Management, Givatayim, Israel (2003); and the art department, Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl Academic College (2012). Holds an MFA from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (2015).

A multidisciplinary artist who engages mainly with manipulated photography, photographic installations, and the effects of medium transitions on the image, her photographs are produced using scans, digital processing, photographic readymades, X-rays, cyanotype, etc. Photography in Oz-Ari's work is a material in itself, treated as an independent object in the world rather than a vehicle with which to document reality. Her practice involves work with different photographic techniques and materials, examining the artist's impact on these substances, as if she were an alchemist. In addition to material research, she explores manifestations of one's mental and physical relation to such notions as pain, desistence, and loss. The images in her work are never direct; they go through a set of adaptations, transformations, and manipulations to articulate the contents addressed in each body of work in the profoundest manner.

Oz-Ari's work has been featured in various group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, as well as in one- and two-person exhibitions, among them at the Photo Lab Gallery, Tel Aviv; the Tel Aviv Artists' House; The Lobby Art Space, Tel Aviv; and Indie Photography Group Gallery, Tel Aviv, where she was a member of the artist cooperative from 2012 to 2014. Internationally, she participated in several exhibitions, including a collateral show at the 57th Venice Biennale ("Empire II," curator: Vanya Balogh).

Curriculum Vitae

Lives and works in Tel Aviv

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2013-2015 MFA, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

2009–2012 BFA, Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl College, Kfar Sava, Israel

1999–2003 B.Des,(Design) College of Management and Academic Studies, Givatayim, Israel

1989-1992 B.P.T, Tel-Aviv university    

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2023 Blue Moon, Hamidrasha gallery-Hayarkon 19, Tel-Aviv, curators: Avi Lubin and Sari Golan

2022 Dancing On The Moon, Donnerstag gallery, Berlin, Germany, curators: Paula Bogati and Chris      


2019  Epidermis, Hamaabada Le Zilum (Photography Lab) Gallery, curator: Dr. Smadar Sheffi

             Out of Place, The Lobby Art Space, Tel Aviv (with Raafat Hattab), curators: Leor Grady, Orit Shershevski

2017   My Madonna, Tel Aviv Artist's House, curator: Vera Pilpoul

2013   Knife in the Water, Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv (with Liraz Pank), curator: Reuven Kuperman

Selected Group Exhibitions 


2023 Pillar of Salt, duel exhibition with Roey Koren, Hanina gallery, Tel-Aviv curator: Rinat Aldema-Ter

2022 Hag Gadya - The Horror Cycle, Jerusalem Artist’ House, Israel, curator: Sophia Dekel-Caspi

2022 Evolving Eden, Kunstverein Hoher Fläming, Burg Eisenhardt, Germany, curators: Britta Adler  

          and Halina Hildebrand 

2021 Art Exhibition + Special Guests, Centre Français de Berlin, curator: Camille Schaeffer

2021 Budapest Art Fair

2021 Home Sweet(?) Home, Glogauair project room, Berlin, Germany, curator: Hanna Bargheer

2021 Beyond Belief, Haus Kunst Mitte, Berlin, Germany, curator: Britta Adler

2020Art History or The History of Zionism, Ein Hod Gallery, Curator: Yossi Waxman.

            Winners of the Air Land 3.0 / Inside Land Prize, Museum of Contemporary Arts/ Ex 

          Officine  Ferroviarie di Barge,  Torino, Italy

2019  Reflections, Neve Shechter Art Center, Tel-Aviv, curator: Shira Fridman

2018  Steel City, Ken HaKukia Art Space, Tel-Aviv, curators: Gilat Nadivi and Vera Pilpoul

2017  The 5th International Photography Festival, Portfolio view of 10 artists, 10 artists Tel Aviv

            Traverse Video Festival, Toulouse, France, curators: Simone and Pierre Dompeyre

            The Core Project, RUA RED Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, curator: Matthew Nevi

          Capture the Moment, Galleri Norrsken, Stockholm, Sweden

            A Village You Are and to a Village You Will Return, Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod,  curator:  Raafat   


            Empire II, Castello 1610/A, Venice, Italy, curator: Vania Balogh

2016  AVI-Art Video International Festival, Jerusalem

            The Unknown, The Different and The Bizarre, Beit Michal Art Center, Rehovot, curator: 

          Carmit  Blumenson

            In Between, Florentin 45 Contemporary Art Space, Tel Aviv, curators: Gilat Nadivi and  Vera Pilpoul

2014  Revealment and Concealment, Bialik House Museum, Tel Aviv, curator: Dr. Smadar Sheffi

            Confessions, The Artists’ Residence, Herzliya, curator: Karni Barzilay

2010  Secret Art, Beit Mani, Tel Aviv, curators: Doron Pollak and Esti Drori

Selected Press


2020 "Dispersal", Art Market Magazine, Arist review, Issue #54, Pages 58 – 73 (Link)

           Art Hole Magazine, November 2020





2021 GlogauAir, Berlin, Germany


2020  Winners of the Air Land 3.0 / Inside Land Prize, Museum of

Contemporary Arts/ Ex Officine Ferroviarie di Barge, Torino, Italy